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Consigclear marks the end of the Future Law Innovation Programme (FLIP) pilot

Proud to have attended the 2nd year anniversary for the Future Law Innovation Programme (FLIP) last week, as the 2 year pilot #FLIPbySAL drew to an end.

We were proud that Consigclear LLC was mentioned at both the 2018 launch and at the 2020 conclusion of the pilot. We were also glad that with the support of the FLIP team and others, we helped set a innovative precedent for the practice of law in Singapore from co-working spaces. 

FLIP put Singapore firmly on the map, helped spark and normalise discussions within the profession about the changing #legalindustry landscape,  and served as a focus for a growing community.

Adrian was also pleased to have helped give back as a mentor in GLIDE.

A big thank you to the FLIP team and the many we crossed paths with during this journey.

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