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Adrian speaking about loot boxes on CNA’s Talking Point

Adrian was interviewed by Channel NewsAsia for #TalkingPoint on loot boxes in video games.

A wide-ranging episode that heard – in 23 minutes – from not just the lawyer (at 9:45 onwards), but a young gamer, a counsellor, a poker player, an addiction-focussed psychiatrist, a game developer, and a parent. Gambling and addiction risk were obviously a focus.

Beyond the very short sound bite in video, he says : ” I don’t think Singapore legislation currently covers loot boxes, and expect the new local gambling regulator to be taking a closer look at whether more is needed. While some game companies have gone very far, arguably negatively impacting the user experience, I’m also not sure a new law is the only answer, though.

At a practical level, parents need to both understand how these increasingly prevalent game monetisation tools work, and learn how to educate and supervise (including account and payment settings) their children accordingly. It is good that Singapore’s education ministry has already started to include the topic in its cyber wellness programme.”

Do find out more by watching the episode at CNA at and on Youtube 

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