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Tech.Law Fest 2021 : “Red and blue pills, the law and the metaverse”


The red pill/blue talk at Techlawfest 2021’ aka ‘What from the #videogaming world could tech lawyers apply to the #metaverse?’

Learnt so much from the expert and entertaining panelists in our session at #techlawfest Eugene, Weng and Prof Ko.  Was fun moderating them – thanks!

From in-game swords, #NFT and user-generated content (#UGC) to property rights and #ODR, to earning a living in someone’s basement and AML, to #TheMatrix, #spiritualopium#privacy and more at the intersection of the real and virtual worlds, we also had (in my humble opinion) the most colourful and prop-filled panel at TLF. 🙂

p.s. Our September 2021 talk predated Facebook and its Meta announcement

– Adrian

Synopsis from the TLF page :

[Leaders Dialogue] Reality Bytes: Emerging Legal Issues at the Intersection of Real and Virtual Worlds Using Video Games & E-Sports as a Microcosm Synopsis: E-Sports and video games – especially those which utilise Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are uniquely situated at the convergence of a number of real world and virtual world law of technology issues. Legal and policy issues surrounding AR/VR, 5G low latency infrastructure, and sophisticated game-world economies that interact with real-world ones are just some of the issues that tech lawyers will face if they cater to clients in the video game and e-sports sectors. Arguably, the pill to swallow is no longer a simple choice between Red or Blue (yes, that is a Matrix reference) but the need to dive deep into the intersectional issues that arise between real, virtual, law, and tech that challenge how we approach the law of tech and how we practise technology law. This session reflects on these intersectional areas and the top emerging legal issues to watch.

Moderator: Mr Adrian Kwong, Managing Director, Consigclear LLC


  • Mr Eugene Marder, Senior Counsel, Twitch
  • Mr Weng Yip, Vice President, Legal, Razer Inc
  • Professor Haksoo Ko, Professor, Seoul National University Law School

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